Jenn bauman

Jenn originally used yoga as a form of recovery for the physical stress put on her body through various activities such as roller derby, Crossfit, and marathon training. She didn't think she was "good" at yoga because she wasn't "bendy." After years of practice she finally utilized yoga to acknowledge and accept her feelings, live in the moment, and find mental peace and ease, in addition to discovering the benefits of physically caring for her body. Jenn’s goal is to foster a space for people to challenge themselves in order to focus, breathe, and build physical and emotional strength. Jenn is also an RRCA certified running coach and holds her Crossfit L1. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at West Hartford Yoga.

kate feiner

After practicing yoga for just a little over a year, Kate felt strongly that she wanted to explore a teacher training program that would deepen her connection to a new found passion –enter WHY Teacher Training class of 2013. Daily, Kate expresses her gratitude for finding a practice and a community that saved her life. Her personal practice and teaching style both reflect an emphasis on maintaining a connection between breath and movement while on the mat – being calm during the storm. Kate teaches Yoga Bootcamp and WHY Power classes, always with her signature combination of humor, strength and joy.

katie marone

In 2014, Katie took her first yoga teacher training at West Hartford Yoga with the intention of deepening her knowledge of yoga and herself. Halfway through, she discovered a true love for teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga with others. Katie helps students build strength and flexibility by connecting thoughtful movement with an awareness to breath and also promotes yoga as a tool to tap into one's full potential. Her classes combine challenging, yet playful, sequences with mindfulness, meditation, and breath. Katie aims for students of all levels to leave class feeling strong and empowered in both body and mind. 


In an attempt to improve form during exercise, Miranda was prescribed yoga while bodybuilding in the late 2000’s.  She soon discovered the multiple benefits of yoga and has since prioritized yoga and meditation for self-care and overall wellness. Miranda’s classes are well organized and often “tell a story”. She offers adjustments and options so all bodies, regardless of skill level, can access the poses. You will leave her class feeling connected, confident and capable. Miranda graduated from WHY teacher training in 2018, has completed workshops centered on pranayama and meditation, and has a broad knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics.